Where Hands Touch: a poignant story about blacks in Nazi Germany

Watched a 2019 movie, Where Hands Touch, about the condition of blacks in Nazi Germany. I was surprised to learn that there were about 25,000 blacks in Germany at the time of Hitler’s ascendancy and also how little I have read, heard and learnt about them.

Many of the black children were children of mixed race couples as is the protagonist in this movie, played so well by Amandla Stenberg. The story moves through a powerful and melancholy set of events of her involvement with another German (white) boy romantically as the situation around her is devolving. Hitler is making the last push towards ethnic cleansing, mostly targeted towards Jews but into which, Amandla’s character finds herself trapped and suffering due to the color of her skin. Her white mother’s deep love for her and her managing the two complex sides of her life, the white German and a black daughter, adds to the complexity of the plot. Added to it is her white brother’s quandary about how to manage his relationship with her black sister.

To me, it was a new portal into the atrocities of Nazis.

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